We need to improve our economy from the bottom up. Too many people in Cincinnati live from paycheck to paycheck and there are too many roadblocks to finding a job.

For families living in poverty, the hallmarks of middle class life—owning a home, having access to quality childcare, retiring with dignity—feel out of reach. That is why I’m committed to promoting economic justice.

Cities must invest in working people by increasing wages, bolstering workplace protections, shaping policies to help balance work and family life, and finding innovative ways to combat extreme poverty.

Affordable Housing

  • Ensure that city government contracts reflect Cincinnati’s demographic makeup
  • Demand that developers receiving city monies construct fair and affordable housing
  • Close our 40,000-unit affordable housing gap by 10%, adding 4,000 doors over four years
  • Advocate for rent abatements to allow people to stay living in their homes

Equitable Wages

  • Advocate in Columbus to repeal the recent Ohio law restricting a local minimum wage increase
  • Push for a statewide $15.00 minimum (livable) wage
  • Introduce a resolution affirming Cincinnati’s commitment to gender pay equality
  • Create a registry of employers committed to gender pay equality to promote transparency

Economic Development

  • Revisit tax abatements with a renewed focus on equity across our 52 neighborhoods
  • Create an index that outlines where and how city funds are allocated
  • Support responsible economic development that does not push people out of their communities
  • Host Council meetings in all 52 neighborhoods so all residents have a voice in development

Small Businesses

  • Provide tax incentives to new small businesses to promote economic growth and create jobs
  • Push city government to be more proactive in supporting small businesses
  • Heavily incentivize minority business growth, focusing especially on underserved communities

Learn more about Tamaya’s vision for Cincinnati:

Tamaya Dennard: Bring a Folding Chair (Women of Cincy, 2017)

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