Environmental issues are economic issues. Climate change is not a hoax. Investing in green energy and smart technology is not just environmentally sustainable, but it creates new jobs for the future.

To protect our environment and modernize Cincinnati’s infrastructure, we must:


  • Commission a study to determine how we can introduce a city composting program
  • Increase fines for littering and illegal dumping
  • Expand access to education on conservation, composting, recycling, etc.

Renewable Energy

  • Increase the number of solar panels installed on city buildings
  • Commission innovative energy audits of all buildings
  • Parter with local universities to effectively reduce our city’s carbon footprint


  • Expand tax incentives for businesses and developers that exceed Silver LEED certification
  • Partner with environmental organizations to inject green technology into water and sewer systems
  • Eradicate “energy poverty” by providing incentives to make homes energy efficient

Water & Infrastructure

Equitable and affordable rates are essential to fixing failing MSD infrastructure, stopping illegal discharges and creating jobs. Tamaya supports a progressive rate structure for sewer and water use to reduce the burden on low-income residents. To continue to improve MSD service citywide and protect city workers, we must:

  • Consider transitioning to a public MSD board with shared City/County representation
  • Under Phase II of the consent decree, MSD workers should be able to remain AFSCME members
  • Stand up for quality MSD services at county, city and community meetings
  • Require MSD directors to have proven environmental policy and management skills

We ought to promote environmental awareness and sustainability at all levels of private and public life. Tamaya will fight for real solutions to make sure that Cincinnati can preserve and protect our natural environment and compete in the 21st century economy—for today, tomorrow and the future.

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