All people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. You should never be discriminated against, no matter your ethic background, sexual orientation, race, or gender identity.

Cincinnati has come a long way in promoting equality, but we need to be proactive about protecting it.

Women’s Equality

We must stand up for real solutions to promote gender equality and protect women’s rights.

  • Close the gender pay gap by promoting transparency across our city’s economy
  • Advocate for paid maternity leave and leave to take care of sick family members
  • Stand with Planned Parenthood to defend women’s rights to health and reproductive care
  • Promote gender equity by breaking down social, economic, and legal barriers

LGBT+ Rights

Although Cincinnati received a 100 percent score for equality, we still have room to grow towards becoming a more inclusive and welcoming city.

  • Provide additional government services to our transgender citizens
  • Increase city support for LGBT+ citizens experiencing homelessness
  • Improve city efforts to assist LGBT+ elderly
  • Appoint city liaisons to ensure equality for LGBT+ youth in public schools

Disability Rights

  • Improve access to city buildings for people with service animals
  • Ensure compliance with federal disability standards (ADA, FHA, ANSI, etc.) and city codes
  • Advocate for the advancement of disability rights at local, state and national levels
  • Empower persons with disabilities to participate in legislative decisions to protect their rights

Learn more about our inclusive vision for Cincinnati:

Here’s how we can turn protests into results (Cincinnati Enquirer, 2017)

Tamaya Dennard: Bring a Folding Chair (Women of Cincy, 2017)

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