Government exists to serve the people.

When residents loose access their elected officials and public services, it has failed them. We need a renewed understanding in City Hall that government works for the people—not the other way around.

Transparency & Accountability

  • Move City Council meetings from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. so people can attend after work
  • Increase the length of time that citizens can address City Council; it is currently only 2 minutes
  • Host City Council meetings in all of our 52 neighborhoods

Public Engagement

  • Address all constituent concerns brought to our office within 24 hours
  • Hold elected officials responsible for being engaged in all neighborhoods
  • Advocate for staggered four-year City Council terms to encourage greater community engagement

Youth Development

  • Launch a program to teach students about government and how they can serve their communities
  • Expand access to internship opportunities for high school and college students
  • Improve our city’s digital footprint to better connect and engage with our young citizens

Government should exist to serve all its citizens, regardless of zip code. By promoting accessibility and transparency we can increase and diversify involvement in government. People deserve and have the right to know that their government works for them.

Learn more about our government accessibility plan: Call to make City Hall more accessible to all

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