We need more disruptive, innovative spaces to encourage innovation and creativity in city government.

Over the last 10 years, we have made great strides to modernize and innovate our public services. But we still have a long way to go. If our government does not continue to innovate, it becomes stagnant. When government is stagnant, it is unable to effectively serve everyone.

To encourage creativity and innovation in our government, we must:


  • Creatively engage constituents to redesign public services to better serve them
  • Work with the Office of Performance & Data Analytics to revamp data collection
  • Emphasize qualitative data collection and surveys to create better services


  • Work with our start-up community to discover new opportunities for innovation
  • Encourage business owners and taxpayers to share ideas to improve government services
  • Host bi-annual innovation summits to promote public-private sector collaboration

Tamaya currently works at Design Impact — a nonprofit social innovation firm that helps organizations and municipalities to create inclusive and innovative approaches to complex social issues.

She brings divergent thinking to City Hall. She will hold city departments accountable for genuinely listening to constituents, conducting observations and prototyping and testing programs before they are scaled out. This will not only save precious tax dollars, but also make Cincinnati competitive for the future.

Learn more about Tamaya’s vision for Cincinnati:

It’s time to get serious about restoring our city’s aging infrastructure (Cincinnati Enquirer, 2017)

Reimagining innovation in local government (Cincinnati Enquirer, 2017)

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