Black Lives Matter, and police deserve respect for risking their lives to keep our streets safe. Tamaya is not afraid to say both of these things because they are both true. The popular narrative says that you cannot stand for social justice and safe streets — but we can and must.

Cincinnati was once nationally known for riots and terrible police-community relations. Today, we are looked to as a national leader on progressive police-community relations. While this is a huge achievement, we have a long way to go towards building real trust between residents and law enforcement.

To continue to improve Cincinnati’s ability to serve justice and protect the people who live here, I will:

Police-Community Relations

  • Ensure the Collaborative Agreement is fully funded to protect our progress in policing
  • Lead the charge in requiring all police officers wear body cameras
  • Work with FOP and Sentinels to organize events for police-community interaction
  • Demand more cultural competence training for police officers before they can join our police

Criminal Justice

  • Create bonding funds to help citizens with a criminal record find meaningful employment
  • Fight for solutions to help returning citizens find dignified housing and employment
  • Call for the complete divestment of city stock and bond holdings in private prisons companies

Emergency Management

  • Support Cincinnati Fire Department efforts to prevent brownouts
  • Commission a study of police precincts and fire stations to determine funding needs

Our city needs leaders who will address crime and violence in our city. But these challenges can’t be tackled in silos, independent from one another. Much of the violence in our streets stems from a lack of opportunity, systemic economic disparities and inequity. We have to address systemic inequity to reduce crime and decrease the rate at which people experience poverty.

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