Our transportation system needs to connect people to employers. Transportation planning needs to be based on coordination and cooperation between users of all modes of transportation, whether it be pedestrians, automobiles, biker or users of public transportation.

For many people, it can take over two hours to get from their neighborhood to a job center, leading to increased poverty and reduced access to jobs. An inefficient transportation system is not just a root cause of poverty, but also harmful to our environment and a barrier to economic growth.

By improving and expanding metro services, we can increase ridership, maximize efficiency and make our city more accessible to everyone.

Metro Expansion

  • Work with SORTA to pass a sales tax levy for desperately needed transit funding
  • Explore 24-hour routes to accommodate citizens with second and third shift jobs
  • Explore employer-subsidized direct routes to connect people to jobs that pay a living wage

Building Awareness

  • Commission a study of bus routes to determine where to add, expand or divert routes
  • Advocate for more direct and intra-city express bus routes
  • Host routine town halls on popular bus routes to increase awareness of transit issues

We cannot use the same approach to meeting the transportation needs of 20 years ago. People have changed and so have their transportation needs. Our transportation system should reflect those changes. Tamaya will fight for an equitable transportation system that serves everyone.

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